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You unlock your phone and open up Tinder. As it loads, you notice there aren’t any new notifications, again. Then you become aware of the fact that you’re not sure how to use Tinder to bring more women into your life. And even after mastering your pictures you’ll notice you still need to know how to message on Tinder to actually do something with those matches (covered here on what to say on Tinder to get more dates).  

And it’s frustrating

It’s frustrating to have an empty Tinder account, but thankfully once you start using these simple Tinder secrets you’ll get more matches than your schedule can handle! As you read through these secrets you will learn how to use Tinder to efficiently and smoothly increase the number of matches and dates you go on!

Now read on for the Tinder secrets!

Understanding a Woman’s Perspective

When it comes to understanding how to use tinder to match with more women, we have to start with their perspective:

How to Use Tinder: Understand that a woman's experience on Tinder is like a cat staring at a mountain of hotdogs

Even somewhat cute women will be overrun with options. Meaning we, as men, have to stand out from the crowd if we want success. And it makes sense when you stop to think about it. It’s only natural for there to be lots of other men besides you on Tinder, right? Meaning your profile needs to stand out from other guys if you want more women. Because we need to stand out, not only on Tinder, but in real life we need to learn how to trigger respect and attraction in the people we meet because otherwise even if we do get matches and dates from Tinder it won’t be able to go anywhere.  

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But back to the Tinder secrets! 

Thankfully and truthfully, when you arm yourself with some knowledge you’ll realize the bar’s not too high. Which is great news for us! With some small effort, we can be one of the ‘lucky bastards’ everyone looks at with envy! And it starts with ‘the rules’. 

1. Follow The Rules

The first step on how to use Tinder for better results?

Work on your appearance. But not in the way you think (although yes, being fit helps tremendously)

How to Use Tinder: Follow The Two Simple Rules

On Reddit, there’s a cliche thrown around constantly known as ‘the 2 rules’:

  1. Be Attractive
  2. Don’t Be Unattractive

It sounds depressing at first, but it’s actually the best thing for us! 

The First Rule

The first rule covers taking care of your appearance.

It means a good haircut and if you’re into beards then maintain it. Because you’ll realize by looking at people, men and women are clearly different, but some similarities exist. One similarity is both men and women like people who look good and people like those who have learned how to charm people. And it’s only natural for you to like women who look good and have learned how to be charming as long as you recognize it’s the same for women; they like charming men who take care of their appearances. 

And It Means Hitting The Gym 

And yes, it means getting in shape and going to the gym and eating a clean diet. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder by any means (unless that’s what you want, and there’s a niche of women who love it). But you should strive for health if you want to become more attractive to women.

Learn the first rule of tinder so that you can learn how to use tinder

There’s a fantastic article on what women find as the most attractive male body type, click here to read it. 

But here’s the watered-down tl;dr version:

Find some kind of exercise you enjoy doing and do it while cleaning up your diet. You will naturally slim down into a body women, on average, find the sexiest.

A fit and healthy-looking body without obsessing over it carbs, macros and everything else they talk about on fitness forums.

2. Don’t Be Ugly By Accident

Reading that title sounds depressing, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, as you continue to read along you’ll realize it’s actually, honestly and truly an incredibly easy rule to follow 🙂 

The second rule is avoiding date-destroying mistakes that make you look ugly.  One example would be this Reddit subforum: pretty girls making ugly faces.

Another way to interpret the second rule: present yourself well and don’t get sloppy/lazy.

How to Succeed

The rule in action: would you go on a date with a gigantic pizza stain on your shirt?

The shirt, while clean, could be the most panty-dropping and sexy shirt on the planet. But with a pizza stain, it makes anyone who wears it the ugliest person in the room because people will only focus on the stain. It’s like a giant, white zit right in the middle of our hypothetical guy’s forehead.

Likewise, in online dating and especially on Tinder, don’t put up photos of yourself with an accidental double chin (like the girls in the above Reddit thread). Avoiding a double chin is following one of the rules!. 

In addition, don’t use grainy pictures like most guys that make you look like this:

This is a terrible Tinder picture

General Tips to Get You Started:

  1. Quality beats everything
    1. It doesn’t matter how cool your new iPhone is, it’s not good enough. Put it down and get a real camera
  2. Puppies insert cheat codes into a woman’s heart
  3. Group pictures are good
    1. However, social pictures go at the end of your photo lineup and there should only be a single one. People on Tinder desire beautiful people, not finding Waldo
  4. No selfies
  5. Don’t lie in your photos, but do photoshop out temporary things like zits. That doesn’t mean photoshop out 25 pounds and don’t use pictures that are over two years old
  6. Be the person in your photos, and actually be in your photos
  7. Mix up your pictures. Don’t use the same outfit in more than a single photo
  8. Learn your good side and your angles. Then never take a disgustingly ugly picture again
  9. Get a body shot, a picture of your face engaging the camera and at least a single hobby picture
  10. Test everything
  11. Get her delirious with depraved desire for you:
    1. Learn How to Talk to Women and Seduce Like Casanova 
    2. How to Get Her Attracted to You on a First Date
    3. Learn How to Get a Deep, Powerful Voice That Attracts Women

The First Step in Becoming a Shamelessly Spellbinding Man:

There’s an overwhelming amount of bitter men out there because they don’t know how to use Tinder and it infuriates them. It’s not because they don’t understand what they’re doing (which doesn’t help). It’s because they don’t put any thought or effort into their pictures.

Learn how to use Tinder so you don't wind up like the man-babies of the online dating world

And it shows.

They’re entitled and angry because they don’t put effort in and don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be those guys. Together, we’ll make sure you’re better 😉

3. Your Objective When Taking Pictures

Your overall online dating goal is to sell your life while looking panty-dropping good. Which means showing examples of what you like to do and what dating you would be like.

And it’s true if you’re only going for one night stands, in which case you’ll show pictures that scream “USE ME FOR SEX AND NOTHING ELSE“. Interested women will swipe right and uninterested girls will swipe left. Meaning you have to either be having fun in your pictures, or look happy in them, or in general; look like someone who believes in himself

If you’re not happy then why would anyone want to be with you?

You don’t have to smile in every picture, because you should be preoccupied with whatever you’re doing in your pictures. But you do need to smile in pictures where you’re actively engaging the camera (during your portrait picture for example). If you’re not engaged with the scene of your picture, then go ahead and engage the camera while smiling.

No amount of hotness is worth the soul-sucking bullshit of a psychic trampire

Happy people are terrific to be around whereas unhappy people make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a rusty fork.

If you look unhappy then you’re ugly by accident in your photos.

And besides, do you want to be around a woman who prefers to be around horrifically unhappy people? Or would you instead be concerned about such women?

4. What’s Your Archetype? 

Archetypes are a stereotype, or image. 

First, there are many disgusting archetypes as well as sexy ones.

Hazardous Archetypes:

  1. Nerd
  2. Gamer
  3. ‘Nice Guy’
  4. Creeper
  5. Immature/gang side/etc. guy
  6. Mirror selfie douchecanoe
  7. Blatantly needy

Arousing Archetypes:

  1. Successful Businessman
  2. Badboy
  3. Rock Star/Musician
  4. Hipster/Metrosexual
  5. Free Spirit/Nomad/Traveler Type
  6. Ripped/Athlete (could even go as far as a bodybuilder)
  7. Artist
  8. 007 Cool James Bond Dude
  9. Adventurer/Risk Taker
  10. Military Man
  11. Surfer/Vegan/Spiritual Type Guy

By no means a complete list, but something start with.

Every person will naturally gravitate to one or more different archetypes. Therefore, focus on a primary one and have anything else in the background while eradicating any negative archetypes.

An Example of My Image:

Naturally, as a photographer who enjoys adventuring around and taking pictures, the Artist and Adventurer images fit my personality best.

my archetype is that I'm an Artist and Adventurer

5. How to Use Tinder: Focus on What You Want 

You might not have ever thought about it, but what do you want from online dating, Tinder, women and your life in general?

If you only want one night stands, you’ll have to use pictures appealing to women looking for a quick, raunchy fling.

On the other hand, if you want any kind of ongoing relationship (fuck buddies count) you’ll use pictures appealing to the women who think you’re amazing and alluring. Focusing on what you want applies doubly so if you want a serious relationship by screening out women who don’t meet your criteria.

What’s Your Type?

In your pictures, think about the type of woman you want, even if casual relationships are your goal. Because we naturally have a type we like best who lust after us. When thinking about what type you want, use pictures more likely to be her type as long as it’s still true to you. We have different sides to us and it’s okay to only show one or two sides of yourself in your pictures.

Because then women who see your profile will find you either salaciously sexy or hideous

Which makes your life a billion times easier and it doesn’t matter if you want a fuck buddy or a wife! It will help with both because it saves you time. And instead of playing a guessing game of if she likes you or not you can instead skip that deadly headache.

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Another Example

Using myself as an example again; I go after the artistic types, preferably the ones with a camera. I’ve always liked those types and they’ve always lusted after me. Most of the time these types of women enjoy being out in nature. They enjoy traveling and exploring the world.

Therefore, my pictures aim at those women like one of Cupid’s arrows. They are what are known as ‘my target market’. Having them in mind makes my life easier when getting pictures done. 

Not only that, but it’s part of who I am as a person.

This makes online dating ten times easier and even makes it fun! Because if dating isn’t fun for a guy, then he isn’t doing it right and doesn’t understand how to use Tinder to his advantage.

Keep Moving Forward

UPDATE: This article’s about getting matches, but not every match will reply. Here’s what to say on Tinder if she doesn’t respond!

How to Use Tinder Infographic Re-Cap

Infographic on how to use Tinder

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