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Imagine being able to connect with anyone you wanted to for both profit and pleasure. What kind of life would you live? What would it look like? How would you know that you’ve got it?

This website started as a result of my personal passion for online dating (hence the old name which you can still find on here). You can still find some articles about it and related from the beginning. But now there’s a new passion; taking the information that I learned from that arena and applying it more globally! Which means not just for dating, but also friendships business and just about everything!  

Enter The Halo Effect

Have you ever heard of the Halo Effect, or how it can turn you into a charismatically and charmingly powerful man, but change your entire life?

First, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:

The halo effect can also be explained as the behavior (usually unconscious) of using evaluations based on things unrelated, to make judgments about something or someone. The halo effect specifically refers to when this behavior has a positive correlation, such as viewing someone who is attractive as likely to be successful and popular. When this judgement has a negative connotation, such as someone unattractive being more readily blamed for a crime than someone attractive, it is referred to as the horn effect

Basically, attractive people get more in life. How infuriating is that? 

What this perverse bias means is that men who are attractive not only get more women attracted to them, they also literally get more opportunities in life because people see them as better people!

Learn How to Abuse The Social Secrets Society Tries to Hide

Which is exactly what we’re here to become! 

There’s no use in crying about it, the halo effect is a fact of life. 

Instead, let’s abuse this jackpot to our advantage! 

Get started now by reading the recent posts.   

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