What to Do if She Doesn’t Respond to Your Tinder Messages4 minute read

You’ve mastered your pictures and you got a match, awesome! But you’ll notice there’s still more to it, there are still your Tinder messages and how to message on Tinder to turn those matches into juicy dates!

You’ve realized by now that not all of your Tinder matches will turn into dates. Sometimes it’s because she’s only looking for attention but other times it’s because there was a mistake made somewhere during the messaging process, possibly even on your first message on Tinder.

Sadly, not every woman will respond to your Tinder messages. Even if you’ve got the panty-dropping profile of the century, nothing in life will ever be 100% (and anyone that tells you otherwise is a liar).

Thankfully as you read through this article and hear the words echo in your mind as you do, you will gradually and quickly gain the tools to turn a few of those non-responders into dates (and you’ll recognize that you need to get her attracted to you on that first date, click here for that) and even girlfriends!

What to Do If She Doesn’t Respond to Your Tinder Message:

First, don’t freak out! Some guys will panic and then send her follow-up message after follow-up message on Tinder until she finally responds. Unfortunately, by that point, she’s going to tell that guy to fuck-off.

So that’s step number 1, just breathe for a second. Now, let’s take a look at the behind-the-scenes stuff going on in Tinder to find out what’s happening:

Tinder Messages Primer

Tinder doesn’t include read receipts anymore, which sucks. The app used to tell you when the person last logged in but doesn’t do that anymore either. Which also sucks. But! There are still a few sneaky ways to find out if the other person has been online. Which means that it’s likely (not guaranteed) that they looked at one of your Tinder messages:

  1. They changed something on their Tinder profile
  2. If she messages you back/like one of your Tinder messages
  3. Their location changes while yours has not

What I mean by number 3 is this: say you only use Tinder at home, or at the office. Your location does not change in that case. When you matched this sultry hottie, she was five miles away. Then, when you log back into your Tinder profile you see that she’s now six miles away (or whatever the number is as long as it’s different from five).

That tells you that her Tinder profile has been recently active.


Because the app doesn’t update locations unless they’ve actually used/opened the app. Honestly, though, you shouldn’t worry about if they have read your Tinder messages or not. Because it doesn’t matter if they’ve seen it for this secret Tinder message follow-up to work.

Here’s What to Do If She Doesn’t Respond to Your Tinder Message

Give her a few days and then if you want you can send a follow-up message (only a single follow-up though). That’s what happened with one of the first girls I ever fell in love with. If you send a message and she doesn’t respond, go ahead and give her a minimum of three days. You can even go up to a week if you want. Then send a follow-up message to re-start the chat. You can do this at any point in the conversation, whether it’s on the first message on Tinder or even if you’ve been chatting a while. 

That’s what happened with that girl I mentioned. She responded to my first message on Tinder but then didn’t respond to my next one. 

The magical line that got her to re-start the conversation where we then set up a date?

What to Say on Tinder: The Magical Tinder Messages

“Happy Sunday!”

That’s it, that’s all I sent. Sometimes that is all it takes to re-start the conversation. Why does this (sometimes) work? 

Because if she thinks you’re sexy and wanted to respond but forgot this allows her to easily pick the conversation back up without losing face. This helps her to not feel like an idiot for accidentally blowing you off. 

Sadly, this was well before I found out about the horrid Tinder mistakes that DESTROY your chances, or before I learned how to easily and naturally deepen my voice to become more powerful and gain the respect from other people I craved.

But even though I was still new at the time we ended up meeting up and were having sex within an hour of meeting each other. It was one of those instant connections that don’t happen often. 

So go ahead and send a follow-up. You don’t want to send any more Tinder messages after that because then you’ll look needy.

But if you give up after the first obstacle you might just miss out on miss perfect-for-you, and I shudder to think about what would have happened had I not met that girl. She changed my life and I wouldn’t be where I am now without having met her. The same is true of her as well, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about dropping my pride and sending that follow-up 🙂

Keep Moving Forward

UPDATE: After learning how to squeeze a few more dates out of your Tinder account you’ll realize that learning about the best dating advice for men will help you logically and intuitively understand how to avoid the awful traps other men fall into in their own dating lives, including how to command respect through a dominating presence so men respect you and women find you sexier. So check them out!

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