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  • Quick Note: Because the world’s gone bonkers, here’s a note before getting into the article: 
  • These things I do at different times on a date (sometimes I won’t do any of them sometimes I’ll do all of them and other times I’ll only do some of them, it depends on the circumstances). They work, but not the same nor at the same time. Women are different and will require different things at different times. The advice below assumes you are somewhat well-off socially speaking and can gauge how comfortable or not people are

That Special Spark

That sexual spark will be created once you learn how to touch a girl to turn her on

Chemistry. That special spark. Butterflies in the stomach and who knows what else. It goes by different names, but it’s a special feeling most don’t know how to describe. And as you read along, that special, magical spark is what you’re going to learn how to create. How to simply and swiftly create a delirious feeling of desire. How to touch a girl to automatically and honestly turn her on and crave you.

That spark, the ‘it‘ factor is called sexual tension.

And it’s a skill that, as you continue to read you’re going to learn. Sexual tension is a special feeling, that ‘magic‘ women talk about when they talk about a date with someone who didn’t have ‘it‘.

Quick Update: but you can’t be serious and focus on tension the entire time. Sometimes it’s better to tease a woman because then she will have fun while she’s with you. Together, tension and teasing help you turn women on like a fire hydrant after being run over by a car (click here to learn how to tease a girl in a way she’ll love).

What Goes Into ‘It’?

While reading, you’ll realize sexual tension comes in as many forms as the Joker has backgrounds. Looking attractive’s certainly a part of it as is developing a deep and powerful voice that will make you more attractive to women and generate respect from men (as long as you’re comfortable smashing past your current comfort zone).

For some women, good looks are paramount while for others it doesn’t even register. Clearly, for the overwhelming majority of women, it’s somewhere in between.

Which means ‘It‘ works for Quasimodo as well as Adonis. 

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But Why?

Because some people don’t have that magic spark while others have mastered the ability to stimulate women in ways they love. Regardless of how they look. Some don’t know how to create and handle the steamy sexual tension that excites and delights women. Nor how to touch a girl to make her show them her impure sides.

Meanwhile, some provocative men out there can do the above and have learned how to sincerely, rapidly and utterly become charismatic and charming in an authentic way and can be copied by you!  

Lastly; not only does touch help us turn women on but it helps human beings connect better! We’re biologically wired to be touched and in fact, babies who aren’t touched can sometimes die!

Imagine, if lack of touch can kill babies, how important is it to us adults?

Sexual Tension: The Master Key to a Depraved Sex Life

At first, you will feel a type of overwhelming pressure. It’s critical you learn how to become comfortable with that pressure. Because women and men like strong, comfortable men who can have a dominating presence.

That means during a silent moment in the conversation, don’t rush to fill the silence. That pause, that silence, is where the magic starts to happen.


You will scare off some women some of the time. Don’t worry about them, if a woman becomes uncomfortable then stop and take a step back or even feel free to move onto the next one. Even the best of the best can’t get every woman out there.

How to Touch a Girl: The Beginning

How to Touch a Girl at first: start with the hand, arm or shoulder

In the beginning, you’ll want to stick to ‘safer’ places using the palm of your hand. Safer places include:

  • Hand
  • Arm
  • When making a point
  • Or in a high moment of the conversation

When touching one of these safer areas, place your hand on her for a second or two at most.

This safe touch causes her to relax, trust you more and become used to your touch thus cementing the growing bond between you. But! You can use the back of your hand if you feel too much pressure while using your palm. For some reason, people feel like it’s less invasive if you lightly touch them with the back of your hand.

Close The Distance

If she’s too far away from you, you can even tell her “give me your hand for a moment”. As long as you haven’t set off any red flags and you don’t launch into touch the first moment you see her, she will more than likely go with it (if she doesn’t, then you likely didn’t have a chance in the first place and it’s better to know now rather than two weeks from now). And it has her putting effort into the seduction so it’s not you doing all of the work.

It’s another way to have her invest in you.

You can do close the distance to emphasize a story, or while she’s telling you a story. If she asks why; tell her the truth. It helps you connect better.

Some guys out there have routines and stories set aside for these situations. They work, and I’ve used them in the past: but after getting the basics down you’ll ultimately grab better results by doing what feels natural to you.

How to Touch a Girl on a First Date Advice: where to place your hand:  1) Shoulders are the friend zone 
2) Groping her butt is the pervert zone 
3) The small of her back is the boyfriend zone 
4) The awkward hover hand/arm is the virgin zone

The Goal in Learning How to Touch a Girl

It’s important to note: you’re not trying to cop a feel when you touch women. Yes, this is a guide on how to touch a girl while on a date. But you’re not trying to feel her up… yet. Being sexual’s good, being horny for anything that will have you is bad.

When touching women, thinking about it as if it were dance helps me tremendously. We want to unlock her attraction for us and enjoy our touch first and foremost. Our secondary goal is to get her aroused until she’s ready to tear our clothes off like a sinful succubus. 

Inching closer to the second goal as time goes on. 

That’s the mindset behind how to touch a girl on a date. 

Keep Moving Forward

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How to Touch a Girl Infographic Re-Cap

How to Touch a Girl Infographic Re-Cap

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